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Mademoiselle ring gold

The Mademoiselle collection takes us on a journey at the French countryside along with Little Women dressed with long skirts holding parasols. The subtle lace pattern in all three colors of gold will inspire the romantic in you!
This piece of jewelry is constructed by sterling silver (925) featuring a 24K gold plating.
This ring has relatively loose fit. Comes in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL that in regular ring sizes translates as follows: 44-47 XS 48-51 S 52-54 M 55-57 L 58-60 XL Diameter of circle: approximately 2cm and 1.7cm (for the XS).

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Free plating (retouche) for every product

How the colour of the jewellery plating alters over time

Μάθετε περισσότερα για την φροντίδα των κοσμημάτων Kalomira DESIGNER

The base of all our jewellery is either 925 silver or brass. Gold plating and platinum plating is a thin layer of gold or platinum respectively, over silver or brass. In order to be maintained as long as possible, it requires care and attention.

You cannot prevent the wearing off of the plated colour in any case; you can only slow it down.

"With this piece of jewellery,
I’m turning you into a princess"

This little limerick was what drove us into this wonderful journey through the construction of handcrafted jewelry. Our once hobby, flourished into a beautiful reality.

That reality gathered materials, techniques, people and places under the name Prigipo.