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How the colour of the jewellery plating alters over time

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The base of all our jewellery is either 925 silver or brass. Gold plating and rhodium plating is a thin layer of gold or rhodium respectively, over silver or brass. In order to be maintained as long as possible, it requires care and attention.

You cannot prevent the wearing off of the plated colour in any case, you can only slow it down.



How you can extend the life of the colour of the jewellery plating

In order to extend the colour of the jewelry plating, we recommend that you remove it when you apply perfume, lotions, creams and when you wash the dishes, take a shower, swim in the sea and the swimming pool or visit a spa. Generally, you should carefully keep your jewelry away from chemicals, as these can create a permanent damage to your plated jewelry.

Why the black colour needs special attention

The black colour on some of our jewellery is a thin layer of ruthenium on the jewelry surface. Ruthenium belongs to the same family of metals as platinum which means that it is a noble and precious metal. As every plated piece of jewelry, it requires special attention and care –especially ruthenium whose colour is black– and the slightest damage creates a contrast with the jewelry base which can be silver or brass.

Protecting the colour on the Palette collection

The colour of the Palette collection that you see inside the circular disc of the jewelry is enamel resin. When it is exposed for a long period of time in the sun and salt water, it is very likely that its glossy texture and colour will be altered.



Restoring the initial glow of silver jewellery

Silver eventually oxidises and as a result it turns black. This process occurs due to the contact with the sulphur in the atmosphere and it is reversible. You can buy special cleaning agents that are available on the market and you can restore the initial glow on your silver piece of jewelry.

Storing your jewellery when not in use

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Air molecules can cause more damage to jewellery when it is exposed. We recommend that you store your jewellery in velvet cases and special jewellery boxes. If none of the above is available, you should rather store it inside the box that you received with your purchase.



When you are entitled to a free retouche

With every purchase you make on you are entitled to a free retouche. You can use it once and for one piece of jewelry, provided that the piece of jewelry from a crafting point of view is at its original state as it was purchased from our store. Sole requirement for you to claim this service is to provide your receipt (or gift card).

How to bring your jewellery for a retouche

You can either come to our shop on 34 Kolokotroni Street, 3rd floor, 10562, Syntagma, in Athens and leave your piece of jewelry with us, or send it to the above address if you cannot come physically to our shop. In either case, it should be accompanied by the receipt of purchase or gift card.

We’ll refresh its colour, and in approximately 7-10 calendar days we’ll contact you so you can come and pick it up.

If you have sent it to us through the post, you bear the shipping costs for delivering the jewellery to our store and returning it back to you after the free retouche procedure.

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